Having our children attend Postville Childcare has been a wonderful experience. In seeking a safe, educational, and reliable place for our children to attend daycare on a daily basis we found no other center in the area to have the quality program found at Postville Childcare. Not only is it obvious that the center is well managed, the staff is truly dedicated to doing a great job and connecting with each child. In our original search for a daycare/preschool center we were looking for very specific requirements. Of a top concern was the safety of our children. Finding a daycare that felt strongly enough about safety to install a security system was encouraging. Not only is the mechanical system fantastic, the staff makes a concerted effort to get to know the parents and to spend time with them at drop off and pick up so they are aware of who should be in the building and who shouldn't. Even teachers that did not have our children in class recognized us by sight that we were center parents and were okay. Another top requirement for us was that our children had room to grow. We wanted an all-inclusive center that would provide infant care that was nurturing and soothing to a true preschool atmosphere for our children to learn and prepare for kindergarten. The preschool function of the center was great. We particularly were pleased with the fact they had those classes in the adjoining building. It gave our child the sense of leaving daycare to attend preschool. It fostered structure and stability as she left from the more free play environment of daycare and attended the actual preschool classes. Our daughter has moved on to the elementary school this year and we feel that she was better prepared having been part of the preschool program at Postville Child Care. We cannot say enough good things about this center and the staff. We highly recommend this center and are so pleased to have been part of the family at Postville Child Care. It is a difficult decision for a mother to choose to work and leave her children in the care of others. Knowing my children were attending a daycare that had such a warm, nurturing environment made that decision a little easier. They miss the center now that we have moved, and that is further confirmation to me that it is a wonderful place.

Amy Boothe

You welcomed us with warmth and cheer from day one and answered my every question thoroughly. It is evident you understand the kind of concerns a parent may have being away from their child for 8 to 9 hours a day and work hard to eliminate those worries and provide an environment that is comfortable for the parents and children alike. Your center provides a great combination of education and fun as you have classrooms full of learning opportunities, a super outdoor play area and trips to the YMCA. The staff is what really sets PCCS apart though; the teachers take an active interest in each student and I appreciated the fact that every staff member we saw, whether they were directly involved in Sam's class or not, was so friendly to us.

PCCS is truly an asset to the Postville Community.

Stephanie Meyer Reffuge

Our daughter turns five years old in one week and she will be headed into Junior Kindergarten. She is eager to learn, socially comfortable, and basically a ‘happy and well adjusted kid’. As we reflect on her first full four years of life, much of her time has been spent at Postville Childcare Services (PCCS). We enrolled her as a six month old infant and she has been enrolled ever since. We owe so much of her being who she is to PCCS and are writing this letter to highlight some of the reasons why we picked PCCS and, perhaps more importantly, why we stayed with PCCS.

PCCS provides the safest environment you could possibly find locally. The administration and staff work diligently and continuously to follow all mandates and protocols for delivering the very highest quality childcare. While it may seem sometimes even a bit ‘over the top’, they do not waver when it comes to following rules and regulations to a ‘t’. For example, you must fully consent in writing to every dose of any medication, sunscreen, etc. You will receive daily full documentation of literally every biological function your child experiences, as well as any accidents or conflicts that occur, however minor or insignificant they might have been. They handle all communication extremely professionally and confidentially. All of their employees must complete strict trainings, so the care given is streamlined and consistent between providers. Of course, each provider has their own style and personality. Our daughter has lasting memories of nearly all of her providers, even those she had as an infant, because these individuals took the time to continue to connect and interact with her as she got older and would pass through their areas. Quite simply, each child is valued and that is evident.

Since we had never done this before, we often had questions and needs for clarification on things that parents of multiple kids may not need direction on. Every teacher and the administrators would always take whatever time, whenever necessary, to explain, and, if needed, re-explain things to help us be informed and at ease.

The decision of who to trust with the very life of your child(ren) can be daunting and challenging…there certainly are many things to consider and everyone has to base their decision on what their unique life situation requires. Especially if /when it is the first time you make such an important decision, you logically look for some reassurance that you’re doing the ‘right’ thing. We hope that this letter can offer some of that needed reassurance. If you would like to reach out to us for more details or specific questions, we would be happy to visit with you, please just leave us a voicemail at 563-423-5959. We are trying to limit our comments to one page (but we could easily fill more), so we will close here.

Randy, Shauna, and Leila Johnsen